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Private Counseling



Healing Streams Christian Ministries offers private individual and/or family counseling.  

You can expect:


  • A safe place where you can unload the real, raw, whole truth

  • Real help that is understanding and non-judgmental

  • Discovering and healing the pain behind your actions

  • Understand how your past actually is affecting you

  • Ministry that is truthful and compassionate with you 

  • Balanced ministry and counsel; true to the Word of God while implementing trusted psychological principles.

  • Understanding yourself and those around you 

  • Wise guidance for times of crisis and crossroads, from experienced and trusted counselors

  • New relationship and people skills

  • Grace, mercy, truth, wisdom and freedom

  • Real hope and deep healing from past wounds

  • New courage and tools to face your future with confidence


In order to make sure everyone who needs help can get it, the donation to our non-profit ministry is the same low amount as most co-pays. Personal or phone consults are only $55 per hour.



Healing Streams Christian Ministries offers a special ministry for leaders and friends in crisis, who need experienced, qualified help--in a short amount of time.


COUNSELING INTENSIVES are 3-4 days of concentrated, personal ministry,  individually designed to focus on the hidden pain and unmet needs hidden beneath risky, addictive or hurtful behavior and dysfunctional relationships. We seek to understand each precious individual and their story to help mates and family open up to one another on a deeper level. People leave feeling fully known, loved and deeply understood--and with deeper understanding, empathy and love for others. Couples find a deeper vulnerability and intimacy; family relationships are healed.


Depending upon your individual situation, Dr. Rudy and Lynn will meet with you separately and together for several hours each day. (Usually 9-12, 1-4) Evenings are free for rest, reflection and relaxation in our mountain retreat town.  


Everything in sessions is CONFIDENTIAL.


We constantly see lives turn around, deep healing in marriages, peace for troubled teens and children, healing in families, freedom for addicts, eating disorders, pornography and sex addicts, victims of molestation and abuse, etc. 


People travel to Healing Streams Christian Ministries to focus on getting true and lasting help in a concentrated and beautiful setting. 


In order to make sure everyone who needs help can get it, the donation to our non-profit ministry is a fraction of for-profit counseling centers. Intensives are $500 per day.


For more information, feel free to call, text, message us on           or email us at:


Dr. Rudy (719) 684-6991        Lynn (719) 684-6978

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