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What are Dr. Rudy and Lynn’s qualifications?


Dr. Rudy and Lynn are members of the American Counseling Association (ACA).


       Rudolph M. Cerullo:      ACA ID# 5042008   

       Linda M. Cerullo:          ACA ID# 6288526


Dr. Rudy holds three doctorates: one in New Testament Theology  and two in Professional Christian Counseling.


He served on staff with Steve Arterburn and also Fred Gross in their psychiatric hospital programs as a pastoral counselor. He has 40 years experience in counseling ministry.


Lynn holds a Masters in Ministry and Leadership. She has an Honorary Doctorate (DD) in Ministry and Leadership. 


She has 30 years of counseling as a pastor, pastoral counselor and college dean and professor.  Lynn is often sought out by leaders of ministries and business for wisdom and mentoring in leadership. She specializes in family relationships, personal growth, inner healing and leadership.


For more details, see their bio-sketches on the Home page under Founders.



What does it cost to see them?


Since we are a non-profit and seek to make high quality counseling service available to all who need it, we only ask a $50 per hour donation to our ministry (Healing Streams Christian Ministries).  


Spiritual Group Therapy - $25 per month


Classes are a $60 - $95 donation per person for 8 week courses.  


$75 per class for those attending for Certification. 


Seminars range from $29-$129. 


Counseling Intensives are $65 donation per hour.


To insure that as many as possible can receive help, we ask the bare minimum in donations. Most leaders come with tremendous financial stress from having lost their positions, livelihood and often-their family. Many people are struggling with a depression that disables them temporarily from functioning at a job. 


We depend upon generous donations to offset the cost of those we continually minister to, but who cannot afford to donate. For those who can donate to help others...your compassion for others is greatly appreciated!



What can I expect in counseling?

  • A safe place where you can unload the real, raw, whole truth

  • Real help that is understanding and non-judgmental

  • Discovering and healing the pain behind your actions

  • Understand how your past actually is affecting you

  • Ministry that is truthful and compassionate with you 

  • Balanced ministry and counsel; true to the Word of God while implementing trusted psychological principles.

  • Understanding yourself and those around you 

  • Wise guidance for times of crisis and crossroads, from experienced and trusted counselors

  • New relationship and people skills

  • Grace, mercy, truth, wisdom and freedom

  • Real hope and deep healing from past wounds

  • New courage and tools to face your future with confidence

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